Spring Season Special 2023 – Diamond Shield of Divine Mother including Removal

I was guided to offer the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother including a removal of old energies for the spring season until May 31 which is the last day for this special offer.

Normal price for the shield including the removal is 120 Euro.

With this special it is only 100 Euro. A shield for a pet will be only 30 Euro instead of 40 Euro.

Who can have this shield? Everybody from a newborn to your passed loved ones and also your pets. You don’t need permission of your family members or passed ones to order a shield for them, they will agree on soul level, they always do. The shield will stay on your soul for eternity!

We are in the midst of a spiritual war and team dark has no scruples to energetically attack every lightworker and their families and pets just to get back on the steering wheel. I know from experiences and reports that they are doing it. Just a few weeks ago a cat and a dog have been under severe attack but they survived due to their shields. This is an important way to protect yourself especially for healers and/or lightworkers who as empaths are more susceptible for energies. I don’t know how long it will take until the changes manifest. The better you are protected the better for you and your body and of course those you order the shield too. It can literally save your life. As it did for me and some pets I know.

What do I need from you? A recent picture of yourself and/or those you want to have the shield for and the full name for the certificate that goes with it.

You can find more information and about payment when you follow this link!