Black Elk Shamanic Healing System

By Ian Frazier

This attunement was channeled by Dean Kingett.

“…I could not have been happier when the chance to channel this healing system was presented to me by my very own spirit guide Ben Black Elk. A true medicine man of his time his trust, patience and faith in me was none more prevalent than when we created this shamanic healing system together in 2012.

Ben was never a chief and never claimed to be one, he would only ever honor himself and his people by wearing a single feather as part of his head dress, and who he was as a Native American Indian. A dedicated herbalist he had studied well from his father’s teachings, (Nicholas Black Elk), and taught many people the simple way of life and remedies until his transition to spirit.

We have created this healing system as a stand on its own system, but it will also work in conjunction with any other healing modality you may choose to use it with, for the highest and greatest good of all.

Knowledge of Shamanism is not a requirement as we have brought this energy and healing system through for the benefit of all to use. Your attuneemnt will bring you a sacred (ethereal) Shamanic wand and rattle to use if you so wish, and also give you the ability to open a vortex to enable you to recycle negative energy into positive, by using the simple symbols given to you, once attuned.

However, you do not need to use the symbols at all to perform a healing session simply channeling the energy either hands on or distantly with your pure intent is enough. They are simply something you may like to work with to help enhance your own spiritual experience, and from my own personal point of view it shows respect to Ben Black Elk and my other Shamanic guides when I use the tools they have given me to help all….” excerpt from the manual by Dean Kingett

There are no prerequisites to receive this attunement but knowledge about energy work is helpful.

Energy exchange for this attunement is 30 Euro.

Payment is through paypal to

When the payment is made I will send you the manual for your own preparation and further use.

The attunement into Black Elk Shamanic Healing System is done by one attunement session and in distant attunement.

You will be able to attune others then too.

I always send the attunements as an energy ball (chi ball) that is then waiting for you to be received. This is due to the timezone differences as I live in Germany (UTC +1).