Cry of the Phoenix

When I received the attunement ‘Cry of the Phoenix’ I had a wonderful experience and was reconnected with a truly amazing being: another friend from AEON, the Phoenix Neheta. Her name means ‘She burns for the Mother’.

The Phoenix is one of the mythical creatures and you will have heard about it. It is a fiery bird that burns itself at the end of its life to be reborn out of the ashes. The rise of the Phoenix.

I am happy to be able to give this attunement to you together with beautiful Neheta who will attune you with her energies too. Her fire isn’t hot but warm, at least I could feel it as warm and comfortable. I am so happy to have her again in my life.

Picture source unknown or I would give credit to the artist.

This attunement was channeled by Nathaniel Lawrence.

This is an attunement of self-empowering, transformation and learning, it is very powerful and will help you with:

“…An understanding of your own personal power
….The ability to reclaim your personal power that might have been given away to others consciously or unconsciously
…..Knowing your Self and knowing it well so that you are able to stay in alignment with that Self
…..Transforming/transcending that which you find to be unacceptable within your Self allowing it to be more in alignment with who it is you wish to be rather than who you have become …..Learning to operate outside of the Ego in a manner that facilitates active participation of Spirit in your current incarnation for the purpose of learning the lessons Spirit has chosen for you in this life…” …excerpt from the manual by Nathaniel Lawrence

There are no prerequisites to receive this attunement but knowledge about energy work is helpful.

Energy exchange for this attunement is 20 Euro.

Payment is through paypal to

When the payment is made I will send you the manual for your own preparation and further use.

The attunement into the Cry of the Phoenix is done by one attunement session and in distant attunement.

You will be able to attune others then too.

I always send the attunements as an energy ball (chi ball) that is then waiting for you to be received. This is due to the timezone differences as I live in Germany (UTC +1).