Since the beginning of 2012, I am in close contact with the Archangel Michael. He is my spiritual guide and so much more. Over time, there were other contacts with higher to the highest beings of light. I channel for many months now and I feel comfortable.

Gradually my friends asked for assistance in their search for the truths of their lives in search of answers about their true identity, for the names of their spirit guides and other important things for them.

After several times asking such questions, I decided to accept requests for more readings. My partner is usually Divine Father but it can also be another Being of the Light.

If you have any interest in a reading I need your questions, the full name, maybe a birth name, birthday and birth place; a current picture is helpful, but not essential. Send this at the email address:

These informations will be kept strictly confidential and are used only for proper identification so that my partner in a reading can answer the questions correctly. There are very many people who have the same name and it could otherwise create confusion. Readings will be kept strictly confidential too of course.

Energy exchange is:

For 1 question      45€
for 3 questions     65€
for 4 questions     80€

if you have more than 4 questions please make your appropriate request so that we may negotiate the price specificly for such arising case

Please pay directly via my paypal emailaddress:

Once you have paid I will tell you when you can expect your reading.

A reading needs some preparation, so at the beginning I clean and clear myself thoroughly energetically, also the room in which I sit, the I meditate and after that I connect first with God, Prime Creator, Prime Source, All-that-is, or whatever your name is for the Source of all being. This connection to Prime Creator is used for further safety, so I am connecting only with the highest beings of light. As already said Divine Father is my most often partner in this. In general it takes half an hour for only the reading, but may take longer depending on the questions; with all the preparation time this means for me a time involved of up to 2-3 hours. I receive the answers telepathically and write them down during the transfer. Then I reread what I received with my partner and I check again on the percentage of truth. I send only perfect readings back to the recipient.

I don’t offer online readings via Skype or phone, because my daily schedule does not allow a termination or by circumstances other things have to be inserted. I have a family, animals, and incidents are almost always possible. I want to use the optimal time to do the reading.