Comfort upgrade to the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother

I am able to offer a wonderful comfort upgrade to the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother. It is for all eternity and will stay with you forever like the Diamond Shield.

This is a special upgrade and was developed because of the need we saw in some of Divine Mother’s children who have the Diamond Shield already. This need came with the current phase of Ascension and is especially for the most vulnerable ones who are being shocked by the changes and the low vibrations around them while going into the 5th dimension. It is of course not reserved for a few but available and comforting for all of Divine Mother’s children.

This upgrade consists of four fixed comfort layers that are placed inside of the shield together with prisms and a constant beam of Silverplatinum light. Divine Mother will add the colors of Heaven that can’t be seen with our Earthly eyes.

This upgrade will provide you with the light that is exactly matching your momentary needs and can work similar like a personal light chamber. These layers and the different lights can comfort and lighten the mind, cool enraged moods, thaw through fear frozen minds etc.

It is a lot of work to place these layers inside the shield so the energy exchange for this upgrade is 50 Euro.

This upgrade is available for all those who have already the Diamond Shield or as an upgrade in combination of a shield to be created yet. It is not meant as a standalone.

You can still have the already existing shield alone.

Payment is through paypal to

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