Diamond Shield of Divine Mother for animals

This offer is for all pet owners and lovers no matter if your pets are dogs, cats, turtles, birds, snakes or horses.

Since 2020 I know for sure that our animals can be attacked by dark forces and demons too. Many dogs and cats are in truth beings from the higher dimensions and not always a dog or a cat but maybe humanoid like the Sirians. Mine are for sure Sirians. Often they are relatives or friends from the other side and they incarnate to help us with our missions here on Earth and/or to protect us and our homes. Those who don’t have our best interest at heart know this and so they attack our beloved pets for several reasons.

The last months and year these attacks have increased.

Without their protection we are more prone for energetic attacks or visits of demons and our pets often enough give their health and lives to keep us safe.

In this article from 2020 I explain more and I am still friend with the cat T. He told me not long ago that he is strong again and with the protection through his shield he is able to protect my friend and his wife. https://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/2020/08/04/the-cat-t-talked-with-me-about-energetic-attacks-august-4-2020/

When your pet gets suddenly sick without any reason it might be that it is under attack and it needs help. The diamond shield and the healing that goes with it can save lives.

Of course you can be pro active and protect your pet before it is under attack.

A shield for an animal has the same quality as the shield for a person but I love animals too much to have them not protected. They are here for us, giving us all their love, protecting us and they are such innocent beings so the energy exchange for a shield is only 40 €.

To learn more about the shield read here please!

What do I need from you together with the energy exchange? A picture of your pet and the name. This will enable me to visualize the necessary cleansing of your pet first followed by a healing and the creation of its protective shield.

Usually within 24 hours after you have sent me the amount due per PayPal e-mail-address: DiamondLightReiki@gmx.de I shall proceed with the creation of the required shield except for weekends or holidays. If it is an emergency I will create the shield as fast as possible.

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