Energetic clearing, cleaning and shielding of cars

Since years now I am successful in removing etheric implants and also of negative beings from the astral realms. I work together with my team and my Higher Self Divine Mother.

Implants and entities can make big problems when they aren’t removed, they can even program you to behave in what they want you to do. Implants and entities are energies and it doesn’t matter which form they have. They nourish from your energies through fear.

They can not only attach to persons but also to cars or other transportation vehicles. I am able to remove negative energies, attachments and entities from your car, truck etc.

I recommend also the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother to protect your car from further attachments. It will also being programmed to protect from EMR like 5G.

A yearly cleaning is recommended to remove all negative energeis that might have amassed in the aura of the car due to passengers and/or traffic situations especially if you don’t have a diamond shield for your car.

Energy exchange is 40 Euro for a removal session.

Energy exchange is 80 Euro for a diamond shield for the car.

If you order a combination of a removal together with a diamond shield I can give you a discount of 15 € for the total.

All removal sessions and/or diamond shield include the blessing of Divine Mother.

Payment is via paypal. My paypal address is DiamondLightReiki@gmx.de

Send me an e-mail to DiamondLightReiki@gmx.de with your real name and attach some photo of the car etc. … this will enable me to visualize the necessary removal and cleansing  of your car. Of course neither name nor photos will be revealed to anybody else and being kept strictly confidential.

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Q: Can you tell if a removal can also remove an artificial intelligence parasite such as “black goo” from the car ?

A: Yes, also black goo can be removed.

Q: Do you provide a small feedback as to what was removed in a session ?

A: I don’t provide a feedback of what was removed to don’t bring the person into fear mode of what has been attached to the car. I did in the past and these persons went into big fear it would come back and it came back as they didn’t trust and in being afraid they provide an invitation to these stuff to attach again. What you are afraid of and send out as vibration, you attract, it is universe law. But be sure that I will and can remove all that is shown to me as deep as possible.