Healing with Divine Mother

I offer healing together with Divine Mother. It consists of a healing with several different energies and Reiki including a thorough cleaning of your auric field.

This healing is on a quantum level and can heal old energetic trauma and wounds and in this may create healing also in the physical. Even if you don’t feel any healing happening, know it IS happening!

This can be performed only as a distant healing and is best when the recipient is sleeping and in this integrating the healing energies much better. Just accept and allow the healing energy to flow through you. I will inform you the day before I actually do the healing.

Energy exchange is 50 Euro for a session. If you book three sessions it is only 120 Euro for all three.

Payment is made through paypal to DiamondLightReiki@gmx.de

You can also email me and tell me how many sessions you want and I will send an invoice to you. This healing can be gifted to others.

For more information contact me via the same email address.

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