Angel Connection Reading available now!

Family Reunion Reading: get to know your angelic/starseed origins

I was asked by a very close friend if I could offer a special service. Many people are now waking up and are longing to know if they are of angelic origin or if they are a starseed.

With my close connections to the Divine Parents and also to the Galactic Federation of Star Nations (also known as Galactic Federation of Light) I am able to provide such information.

Let us find out if you are an Angel or a starseed and maybe I can provide a name too. Everyone has a Heavenly purpose no matter what and the reading will help you be closer to finding yours because with this reading you know your origins.

You might not know but even our beloved pets and fur babies can be an incarnate starseed or Angel. I know several who are.

All of these children and beloved pets in the pictures above are confirmed incarnated (Arch-)Angels and/or starseeds.

I have done this many times in the last decade and so very often there were big surprises. For example, there are two family members who are family members in Aeon, the home of the Divine Parents and all the Angels and Archangels too.

Energy exchange for this Reading is 25 Euro. For an animal 20 Euro.

Please pay directly via my paypal emailaddress: and give me a hint about the purpose.

What do you receive if you are an Angel or starseed: the certainty of your origin and if possible your name, as a starseed the place you come from.

What do I need: a recent picture of you or your pet and your full name of course to the same emailaddress

Your reading will be done as soon as possible except on weekends or holidays and sent to you per email when it is done.

With all unconditional Love and Compassion from me to all of you.


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